Current Projects:

Lake Tahoe Regional Plan & Code of Ordinances Update

City of South Lake Tahoe Sustainability Plan

Lower Kingsbury Visioning and Alternative Futures

Regional Planning Partners

RPP provides expertise in the following areas:

• Sustainable Design including Development Policies & Strategy Development
• Regional Planning & Town Planning
• Resort Community Planning & Design
• Redevelopment Planning & Design
• Economic Development
• Green Infrastructure
• Urban Design
• Place-Based Planning, Public Participation, Consultation & Facilitation
• Strategic Plans
• Transportation Planning
• Neighborhood, District & Corridor Planning
• Watershed Planning, BMPs & Stormwater Master Plans
• Walkability Analysis and Planning
• Creation of Innovative Partnerships for Plan Implementation
• Form-Based Code Development
• Educational Projects & Presentations
• Leadership Training

RPP’s mission is to assist communities in regional sustainable planning and visioning
by building leadership to spearhead change using a 4-step approach:

1) Community Organizing
2) Community Education and Effective Listening
3) Planning and Design
4) Implementation Strategies for Success