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Visioning and Land Use Alternatives

The Kingsbury Community Plan was last updated in 1993 with the intention to: 1) establish goals for the “character” of the area, 2) clarify economic trends and market considerations and 3) establish environmental goals & regulatory framework. TRPA is in the process of updating the Regional Plan for the Lake Tahoe Basin, which is geared towards encouraging the revitalization of the Basin's urban areas while working toward the acceleration of environmental thresholds. This process is intended to explore opportunities for redevelopment in the Kingsbury Community Plan area consistent with the new regional framework, and serve as a precursor to the community plan update by helping to develop alternatives for redevelopment and economic revitalization.

Many things have changed since the 1993 Community Plan, including improvements such as the Kahle Community Center and the Government Center. The economic role of the area may also be shifting following redevelopment in the Stateline area, changing market conditions and new opportunities.

Douglas County, with the support of the Lower Kingsbury Working Group, conducted two workshops to begin the process of creating a vision for the Lower Kingsbury area.

The objectives for workshop #1 (June 12, 2008), were to discuss planning goals and principles, and identify opportunities and constraints to creating a sustainable land use plan for Lower Kingsbury.

The purpose of Workshop #2 (June 26, 2008) was to create a vision and alternate land use concepts for a pedestrian-oriented mixed-use community that implements environmental improvements. Three different land use concepts emerged and are presented in this newsletter.

The three alternatives all envision redevelopment of the Lakeside Casino area along Hwy 50, but differ on the form and function of the Hwy 207 corridor.

The Three alternatives are:

1. Focus on creating a vibrant mixed-use streetscape along Hwy 207
2. Focus on reconfiguring the Shady Lane and Market Street axis into a pedestrian-    oriented environment
3. Create a hybrid of the two with mixed-use centers and diverse housing


Visioning Workshop #1 (Opportunities and Constraints) (4.3 MB)

Visioning Workshop #2 (Land Use Alternatives) (.5 MB)